At Responsibility House, we realize that homelessness, mental illness and substance use disorders are interconnected. In order to provide our community with more holistic and effective solutions to these problems, we founded our Supportive Housing Program in 2000. Since then we have gradually expanded the scope of our program. Today we provide safe housing and a range of supportive services to approximately 135 disabled, formerly homeless individuals at any given time.

Housing First

Our Supportive Housing Program is based on the Housing First model. ‘Housing First’ is a methodology built on the idea that moving people directly from the streets and shelters into their own permanent homes saves lives and provides those living with mental illness, addictions, or other disabilities with the assurance of a house to go home to. With permanent housing, these individuals can begin to regain the self-confidence and control over their lives and their activities that they lost when they became homeless.

Supportive Services

The second and equally important element of our approach consists of our array of supportive services provided by our dedicated case managers. Working together, the case manager and the client develop a plan to begin and sustain a stable, productive life. Case managers provide or facilitate a wide range of services, from evaluating the need for mental health treatment to working out a monthly budget. Without regular health care treatment for substance use disorders or education about the basics of household management, chronically homeless clients generally are not able to sustain their housing. With the compassionate support of their case managers, however, Supportive Housing Program clients can turn their lives around.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to become a client in the Supportive Housing Program, you must be:

  • Chronically homeless,
  • Disabled, and
  • Extremely low income

Questions? Contact Ms. Cuzzort at [email protected]

or call (504) 366-6217