The Out-Patient program serves both male and female adults with a substance related disorder.

If you are interested in learning more about our program or coming in for an assessment please contact us at (504) 367-4234. There is no charge for the initial assessment. We do accept Medicaid.

Family Education and support is available to all participants in Out Patient Programs.

They are two available levels of care in our out-patient program. Intensive Out -Patient and Out-Patient.

Intensive Out-patient Program

Adults experiencing substance related disorders and who have a stable housing environment and healthy sober support system can join the Intensive Out-Patient Program for addiction treatment. The Intensive Out-Patient Treatment Program meets for a minimum of 3 session s a week for a 3 hour period. Sessions can be more frequent depending on the severity of the addiction. Treatment is approximately 8 weeks at this level of care.

Outpatient Program

Out-Patient services is a great opportunity for sober adults with a substance related disorder to seek further support and education. Out Patient services are 1-3 hours a week, depending on the goals of the individual. Out Patient treatment focuses on sobriety and early issues in recovery.
Please contact our treatment office to schedule as assessment interview. (504) 367-4234